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Scottish Rite Degrees

Lodge of Perfection

4th   Degree Secret Master

5th   Degree Perfect Master

6th    Degree Intimate Secretary

7th   Degree Provost and Judge

8th   Degree   Intendant of the Building

9th   Degree   Elect of Nine

10th Degree   Elect of Fifteen

11th Degree   Sublime Elect of Twelve

12th Degree   Master Architect

13th Degree   Arch of Enoch

14th Degree   Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason

Council of the Princes of Jerusalem

15th  Degree   Knight of The East or Sword

16th  Degree   Prince of Jerusalem


Chapter of Rose Croix

17th  Degree   Knight of the East and West

18th  Degree   Knight of the Rose Croix



19th  Degree     Grand Pontiff

20th   Degree   Grand Master of All Symbolic Lodges; or Master Ad Vitam

21st   Degree   Noachite or Prussian Knight

22nd  Degree   Knight of the Royal Axe; or, Prince of Libanus

23rd   Degree     Chief of the Tabernacle

24th   Degree   Prince of the Tabernacle

25th   Degree   Knight of the Brazen Serpent

26th   Degree   Prince of Mercy

27th   Degree   Knight Commander of the Temple

28th   Degree   Knight of the Sun

29th   Degree   Knight of St. Andrew

30th   Degree   Knights Kadosh

31st   Degree   Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander

32nd  Degree   Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

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